How To Prepare Natural Colours For The Festivities of Holi

How To Prepare Natural Colours For The Festivities of Holi

How To Prepare Natural Colours For The Festivities of Holi

Holi, the festival of colors, is a vibrant celebration that traditionally involves the use of colorful powders and water-based dyes. In recent times, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of synthetic colors. This article provides a guide on how to prepare natural colors for the festivities of Holi, ensuring a joyous and eco-friendly celebration.

1. **Yellow Color (Turmeric):**

**Ingredients:** Turmeric powder.

**Preparation:** Simply use dry turmeric powder for a bright yellow color. Mix it with flour or cornstarch for better adhesion.

2. **Red Color (Beetroot):**

**Ingredients:** Beetroot juice or powder.

**Preparation:** Extract juice from fresh beetroots or use beetroot powder to create a natural red color. Mix with water or use as a dry powder.

3. **Green Color (Henna or Spinach):**

**Ingredients:** Henna powder or spinach puree.

**Preparation:** Henna powder can be mixed with water for a green tint. Alternatively, blend spinach and strain to use the liquid as a green color.

4. **Blue Color (Indigo or Butterfly Pea Flower):**

**Ingredients:** Indigo powder or butterfly pea flower extract.

**Preparation:** Indigo powder provides a deep blue hue. Butterfly pea flower extract can be diluted with water for a light blue color.

5. **Orange Color (Saffron):**

**Ingredients:** Saffron strands.

**Preparation:** Soak saffron strands in water to release a rich orange color. Use the saffron-infused water for playing Holi.

6. **Pink Color (Roses or Raspberries):**

**Ingredients:** Rose petals or raspberry puree.

**Preparation:** Crush rose petals or blend raspberries to create a natural pink color. Add water as needed.

7. **Brown Color (Cocoa Powder):**

**Ingredients:** Unsweetened cocoa powder.

**Preparation:** Cocoa powder can be used dry or mixed with water to create a brown color. Adjust the concentration for desired intensity.

8. **Purple Color (Black Grapes):**

**Ingredients:** Black grape juice or mashed black grapes.

**Preparation:** Extract juice from black grapes or mash them to create a purple color. Strain if needed.


Celebrate Holi with the vibrant hues of nature by preparing these natural colors. Not only do they add a festive spirit, but they also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly celebration.

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